When you enquire through our online form, here, we'll automatically send you a questionnaire where we can gather the information for you business and brand project.

This takes 10 minutes to go through, and more often than not even helps you clarify some integral things for your enterprise. We'll then get back to you to book a consultation the next working day.



Prior to our consultation, we'll have had gone through your initial request to gather an idea about what you're looking for and start to conjure ideas around your needs. On consultation, we'll cover a last few questions with you and clarify your project.

This is where we'll also clarify whether you'd prefer to work on a 1 or 3 concept basis, the latter being a more streamlined option. We'll send your proposal over the next working day, ready for your confirmation.





Once you've reviewed the proposal, we'll go ahead and send you our working agreement and deposit invoice, ready to onboard you and get started. Please note that work cannot begin

until deposit is paid and working agreement signed. However we don't bore you with a long, complex contract! It's simply a short document to ensure security for both parties.

The first presentation of work you'll receive will be a brand foundation document, taking you through the basis of what your business is built on and how we envision the direction of your brand aligning with it.

This includes a collection of visuals that will inform our brand design such as a mood board, textures, font types and colours, as well as the core values and positioning of your brand.



Once we've received your choice (if we're creating 3 concepts) and any feedback, we'll continue to develop the concept and design your logo, colour palette and font selection, along with any additional visual elements you may have requested at the consultation stage, such as graphic illustrations or custom icons. Again, this will be presented via zoom to

go through each decision we made throughout the design stage and present your new brand in full. You'll also receive the document to review yourself. Should there be any amendments, there are 3 revisions available at no extra charge at this stage, and any further edits incur a cost of £70 per request.



When the design and development process is complete, you'll receive a final brand guidelines document that helps show you how to use your identity. For example, suggested type sizing and improper colour/logo use.

Treasure your guidelines document! It helps support any future in-house work to ensure it all fully aligns with your brand identity.



Deciding whether you want to work from 1 concept or the option of 3 depends on your budget and time frame. 1 concept allows us to guide your brand while you get to sit back and 

relax, where as 3 concepts gives you options on the brand direction before work begins. 3 concept projects take around 3 weeks longer, with a higher financial investment.